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Q: What is the Stina Vargen brand?

A: Stina Vargen is a Slovenian brand of handmade knitwear and other handmade products (paracord bracelets, key chains, wooden slingshots, …) The idea and name of the brand came to life at the end of 2020, with the production of the first knitted headband.

Q: What is the Wooly Stinka brand?

A: Wooly Stinka is a sub-brand of Stina Vargen. Hats under the Wooly Stinka brand are knitted from 100% ethical wool, which is why their price is basically more expensive than, for example, Stina Vargen knitwear, which is made from wool yarn, together with other materials.

Q: What is ethical wool?

A: The sheep are treated humanely, are well fed, live natural and healthy lives and are not subjected to harmful practices such as mulesing. This means that you get the highest quality products of ethical origin and MERINO wool.

Q: What is mulesing?

A: Mulesing is a painful process that involves cutting crescent-shaped flaps of skin around the hindquarters and tail of the sheep with sharp scissors designed specifically for this purpose. The resulting wound, as it heals, creates an area of bare, stretched scar tissue.

Q: I like the knitted hat, but I think it’s expensive!

A: In principle, these are hats that are knitted from the best and highest quality yarn (Merino wool, Alpaca wool). The producers of these must have certificates that they treat the sheep humanely and have free range. In principle, in most cases, the yarns are hand-dyed. It is precisely because of all the properties listed above that the price of the yarn itself is so much higher. Most of the knitting yarn under the brands Stina Vargen and Wooly Stinka comes from South American sheep (Paraguay, Uruguay).

Q: The hats are woollen. Do they “sting and itch”?

A: Hats knitted from 100% merino wool are from the softest and highest quality yarn, so basically they should not sting and itch, but it all depends on the individual, how sensitive the person is to wool products.

Q: Why do some knitted hats have a different price even though they are in the same category?

A: A knitted hat is more expensive due to the added glittering threads when knitting.

Q: Are the hats knitted in different sizes?

A: Knitted hats are made in one size for an adult. Since the knitted hats are partially stretchable, they are suitable for practically all head sizes.

Q: I don’t see my question.

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